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This is I Feel Pretty's little sister.

Midnight Sun reminds me of Everything,Everything

Srsly fifty shades again?!

This video started out bad

this is the proof our wonderful lady morgana (Katie mcgrath) can also play the sweetest character on earth


JUST THE WAY U ARE. I've sung this song with guitar. Kindly check it out, leave ur valuable comments n PLZ DO SUBSCRIBE.


Chuck Bass needs to know this.

Oh, well, I know how that one ends.

I would not call submission romantic. It is about coercion, submission, and blackmail. To call that romance is just wrong.

Pretty good movie,, but the end is little sad! Zzz

looks like we have 340 virgins who passed by on this video !! :)

I just watched the entiiire movie in 3 minutes.

just watched the entire movie in 2.50 minutes......




What the heck... isn't this just a copycat of The Big Chill? thumbs up if u struggled a bit until u rememberd that the guy was from dexter..  wtf is this i was looking for a REAL MOVIE and i get on a crapy one where the ending try to look happy.  i ca't believe this is the first time i'm hearing about this movie.

worst trailer ever This cast is amazingggggggggggg






  • 1000 / 1000